Writing toward the NaNoWriMo word count

So, here we are in July, the summertime month for NaNoWriMo.  Camp NaNoWriMo, to be exact.  I had a good start to the month, then almost immediately fell off the writing wagon because the 4th of July was on a Tuesday, which created a natural 4-day holiday weekend, which was spent by the hubster and I by doing stuff around here, checking on our stuff at the antique mall, doing 2 days of antique picking and having his family here for the 4th.  However, I’ve managed a little writing here and there.

It can be fun to creatively write, to have things come to you as you sit at the keyboard.  Those are the times when your fingers fly on the keyboard and can’t keep up with all the ideas and conversations that pop into your head.

But there’s the other side of the writing coin.  Those days when the writing muse is on strike, sitting mutely at your elbow and rolling her eyes, impatiently waiting for you figure it out.  I’ve had those days most recently, in stark contrast to a couple of days of pure writing joy.

And I’m dreading the middle of the novel, where I always flounder and have epic struggles with where to go.  There are too many branches in the road at that point, and to go down any one of them means you must forego the others, perhaps at your peril when you’ve spent days heading down one branch of the road, only to realize it was leading you to a dead end.

I’m going to forge on, however.  Although I’ve only written a little over 500 words today per the NaNoWriMo word count (it should be 1,667 per day by their calculation), I’m done for the day because I came to a good break point, and writing today has been like pulling teeth.  I’m a bit worried how well it will stand up to my own scrutiny tomorrow.

But, it’s 10:30 PM right now.  Time to hit the hay, hit the reset button and hopefully awake to a refreshed, enthusiastic muse who will make the time at the writing table tomorrow easier and more productive.

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