The thrill of putting something on the (Google) map

I’ve had the honor of literally putting something on the map. Google Maps, to be exact. Merriam-Webster Dictionary’s definition of to put (something or someone) on the map is to make (a place, person, etc.) famous or well-known. What I’ve put on the map definitely fits into the “etc.” category—a life-size iron deer. It all … More The thrill of putting something on the (Google) map

“Coal Country Connections” & “You Dream Every Night That I am Home” are now available in bookshops

I’ve now written two nonfiction books about the coal region of northeastern Pennsylvania. The first, “Coal Country Connections” is based on the over 70 signatures in an autograph album from the 1880s owned by a woman from the region, and the book is about the lives of the signers of the album. The second book, … More “Coal Country Connections” & “You Dream Every Night That I am Home” are now available in bookshops

Remarkable synchronicity and goosebumps

One of my grandmother’s favorite sayings was “Everything happens for a reason.” In an article on the Psychology Today website, this phrase is described as a standard reply to “remarkable synchronicities.” Although I’ve never totally bought into it, this bit of philosophy has come in handy to explain hard to explain events or “remarkable synchronicities” … More Remarkable synchronicity and goosebumps

Writing prognostiphobia–yes, it’s a thing

I’m just full of announcements. Back around the holidays I announced that I would be imminently unpublishing my book This, Their Friendship’s Monument (TTFM) on Amazon and publishing a new and improved version of it called Coal Country Connections (C3). A quick recap—I had decided that I wanted to change the black and white images … More Writing prognostiphobia–yes, it’s a thing

Best. Present. Ever.

On Christmas, I got the best present ever. I’ve had other best presents ever, including a shoebox crammed full of wonderful paperback books when I was a preteen, sweaters, afghans, wall art and other beautiful handcrafted items, and other gifts that weren’t handmade but were incredibly thoughtful. As we all know, this is Christmas #2 … More Best. Present. Ever.