Writing prognostiphobia–yes, it’s a thing

I’m just full of announcements.

Back around the holidays I announced that I would be imminently unpublishing my book This, Their Friendship’s Monument (TTFM) on Amazon and publishing a new and improved version of it called Coal Country Connections (C3). A quick recap—I had decided that I wanted to change the black and white images in TTFM to color, and under Amazon’s rules this meant that it had to be republished as a new book. Go figure.

So, I made the big announcement in my holiday-time blog but was unable to make it happen. Well, I did make the changes to the book (including adding nearly 70 additional images because I figured that if it’s a new book, why not?). I did a little editing, created a new cover and came up with a new name. It was ready.

Then life happened. In the form of a health crisis, outpatient surgery, an emergency admission to the hospital, and a second surgery. Luckily, things ultimately went well and I’m on the road to a full recovery.

My new announcement is that things are back on track. TTFM is unpublished and C3 is published and now available on Amazon.

As well, I’m happily back to working on my work-in-progress, You Dream Every Night That I Am Home. Last weekend I was asked “When will you be publishing it?”

After what happened after my last set of prognostications, I’m wary of predicting anything when it comes to my writing.

My final announcement here is, no more prognosticating from this writer. I think the best I can come up with is “When it’s done.” I’d like to hazard a guess, but…well, you just never know.

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