Looking toward the new year…

I haven’t written in months.  Or created any illustrations.  But not because I haven’t wanted to.  I’ve been renovating our house–we decided in June that we wanted to sell our house, with a long-term plan to move back closer to family.  So I’ve spent all day, every day for months painting, cleaning and renovating.  It took me until this month, November, to finally get it to the point where I thought it was ready for the For Sale sign to be placed out front.

We put it on the market and just received an offer for it, in little over a week.  We’re very pleased (knock on wood).  In the meantime, I’ll be busy doing more packing and more cleaning.  The settlement will happen at the end of December.

So it looks like the New Year is the time for me to resume my literary and artistic pursuits.  I dabbled my toe in the writerly waters yesterday by attending a writer’s event in Easton.  A well known historic fiction writer was the guest speaker and gave a great talk–informative and funny.  I’m so glad I made myself go–I’m inspired to get back in the proverbial saddle and start writing again.  I can now, a bit at a time, in between all the cleaning and packing.  Oh, and holiday merry-making.  And, please God, settling on the house.

Fingers crossed.

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